Two fresh looks

At Puma we admire those who dare to be different, whether you jazz up your style with a unique accessory, or wear something a little quirky, we embrace those who think outside the box and challenge traditions.

Fashion is forever changing, some people follow trends, others follow their own path, that’s the versatility of fashion – everyone can create a style that reflects their personality. This is what gives fashion-goers the opportunity to push the boundaries, their bodies are a blank canvas to do with what they deem fit.

As we are approaching the end of the Summer season, we’ve been keeping our eyes peeled for some inspiration for transitional Autumn looks…

As it gets a bit cooler outside, out go the open toe sandals and in come the trainers. These silver trainers are a great alternative way give your style a bit of glam. In the beginning of the changeover it can still be too warm for jackets, that’s when a scarf is perfect. If you are wearing plain colours then wear a vibrant scarf to give your outfit a fresh look. And last but not least, don’t hide those sunglasses away just yet, on a sunny Autumn day they will still make a great accessory.

Make it bright! Just because the weather is getting dull doesn’t mean you have to.

A brave way to inject some colour in to your look is to wear some vivid trainers like these Puma Cabana Racer kicks, the green mixed with purple will definitely brighten your look. When the Autumn leaves really start to appear it is time to bring out the jackets, but go for a light fabric as it can still be too warm for huge coats and were not quite ready for them yet!